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果香泡菜 NT.80
Traditional pickled appetizers with fruit.
椒麻口水雞凍 NT.390
Cold Chicken with Sichuan Chili Sauce.
麻香嫩肝 NT.180
Pig’s Liver.
醬醃脆蘿蔔 NT.80
Sweet and Sour Radish.
菜脯玉子燒 NT.200
Tamagoyaki with Preserved Radish.
去骨油雞 NT.390
Boneless Boiled Chicken.
辣炒松阪豬 NT.385
Stir-fried Pork with Chef’s Special Sauce.
糖醋排骨 NT.340
Fried Spareribs with Sweet and Sour Sauce.
麻油松阪豬 NT.350
Stir-fried Pork with Sesame Oil.
避風塘脆松阪豬 NT.385
Fried Pork Typhoon Shelter Style.
豆乾炒肉絲 NT.300
Griddle Pork Intestines.
辣炒牛肉 NT.385
Stir-fried Beef with Chef’s Special Sauce.
干鍋爆炒脆肥腸 NT.395
Griddle Pork Intestines.
蔥爆牛肉 NT.385
Stir-fried Beef with Scallions.
宮保腰果牛肉 NT.385
Kung Pao Beef.
香脆花雕雞 NT.380
Stir-fried Crispy Chicken with Hua Diao Wine.
宮保腰果雞丁 NT.385
Kung Pao Chicken.
蟹黃豆腐 NT.330
Stewed Carrot and Crab Roe with Tofu.
嫩炒滑蛋手剝蝦 NT.400
Fried shrimp with scrambled egg.
避風塘軟殼蟹 NT.488
Typhoon Shelter Soft Shell Crab
糖醋魚片 NT.385
Fried Sliced Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce.
咖哩米香虎大蝦 NT.488
Stir-fried Tiger Prawns with Yellow Curry
宮保虎大蝦 NT.488
Stir-fried Tiger Prawns with Kung Pao Sauce
煙燻黑鱈魚 NT.488
Signature Smoked Black Cod
果律手剝蝦 NT.400
Fried Prawns with Fresh Fruits
油條䕃鼓蚵 NT.360
Fried Oyster with Black Bean Sauce
塔香炒蛤蜊 NT.330
Stir-fried Clams with Basil
蛋酥白菜滷 NT.280
Chinese Cabbage with Crispy Eggs and Pork
古早味阿嬤炸蛋 NT.280
Taiwanese Fried Egg
肉絲炒水蓮 NT.260
Stir-fried Lotus Ferns with Shredded Por
蛋酥炒高麗菜 NT.260
Stir-fried Chinese Cabbage with Crispy Eggs
菇菇炒青花菜 NT.280
Stir-fried Beech Mushroom with broccoil.
黃金脆茄塔 NT.360
Crisp Aubergine Tossed with Leeks
韮香芙蓉豆腐塔 NT.300
Fried Tofu and Leeks with Black Bean Sauce
紅通通鯛魚片 NT.360
Deep-Fried fried Fish with Paprika Powder
台式蚵仔酥 NT.360
Crispy Fried Deep-fried Fresh Oyster with Dip
黃金脆薯 NT.200
French Fries
酥炸中卷 NT.300
Fried Squid
清蒸石斑 NT.880
Steamed sea Grouper
清蒸鱈魚  NT.450
Steamed Codfish with Green Onion
蒜蓉鱈魚  NT.450
Steamed Codfish with Garlic Sauce
蒜蓉蒸蝦 NT.495
Steamed Prawns with Garlic Sauce
蛤蜊蒸絲瓜 NT.320
Steamed Clam with Squash
蒜蓉絲瓜 NT.300
Steamed Squash with Garlic Sauce 
醬燒大肋排 NT.1300
Roasted Pork Ribs
香烤脆松阪  NT.330
Salt-roasted Pork
鹽焗台灣鯛  NT.680
Salt-roasted Tilapia
棉花干貝泡飯 NT.500
Scallops and Rice in Fish Soup
手剝蝦仁炒飯  NT.330
Egg Fried Rice with Shrimps
古早味炒米粉  NT.280
Traditional Fried Rice Noodles
筷炒肉絲炒麵 NT.280
Fried Noodles with Pork
白飯 NT.30
蕃茄排骨湯 NT.350
Tomato Soup with Spareribs
酸菜豆腐蚵仔湯  NT.330
Oyster Soup with Tofu and Pickled Cabbage
薑絲蛤蜊湯  NT.330
Clam Soup
黑白蒜蒜雞 NT.230/盅湯
Black Garlic Chicken Soup
海味砂鍋魚頭 NT.1380
Fish Head Casserole
酸菜炸湯圓 NT.120
Fried Tangyuan with Pickled Cabbage
杏仁豆腐   NT.80
Almond Tofu
冰糖燉銀耳  NT.80
Braised white Fungus with Crystal Sugar
芋棗 NT.150/6顆
Deep Fried Jujube Paste Biscuit
古早味巨無霸剉冰 NT.680
Taiwanese Shaved Ice


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